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Here you will learn how you can protect your bee colonies against their possibly biggest enemy, the varroa mite.

All modern people of our time are increasingly exposed to increasing environmental stress and stress. Diseases - which are called lapidary as "diseases of modern civilization" are on the advance z.B.Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer's, metabolic disorders, cancer in all variants, food intolerances, etc. , To avoid these diseases, we need high-quality healthy foods. However, you only get high-quality food from healthy plants and animals. Healthy plants and animals are only obtained if one is ecologically and sustainably produced, and when finally it is ceased to strive for ever higher profits in the production of food. With the beesvital device, our smallest livestock succeeds in living healthy and surviving.

By a spring treatment with DIHEU bee venital the cutting of drone brood!

Bienenvital (2)

BIENENVITAL (bee vital)

Today as there’s sustainability, bioproducts and Demeter beekeeping have become megatrends we need environmentally-friendly treatment methods against the varroa mite. One of the most promising ones here is the hyperthermia. The DIHEU Bienenvital is a device for heat treating the beehives. By hyperthermia the varroa mites are killed in large numbers or permanently damaged so that the vermin can’t spread any longer. In doing so the method is ecological, sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Your bees will not be harmed by the DIHEU Bienenvital. A great number of tests and heat treatments with our own bees prove that. Moreover the DIHEU Bienenvital stimulates the immune systems of the bees and so it contributes to the general vitality of the whole colony.


By the treatment of the bee colony with DIHEU Bienenvital a large number of the varroa mites are killed or permanently damaged so that the vermin can’t spread any longer. In the picture you can see a part of the killed animals after a treatment and vermin which have been fallen off their host animals, the bees. But also mites which have become established in the brood are controlled, they can’t fall off. Actually more varroa mites are killed than you see at first glance after the treatment. The beekeeper will see the varroa mites which were killed on the support under the beehive some days later.


The varroa mite is the biggest threat to bees at present. It infests the grubs and bees and weakens the whole beehive. Previous methods and means against the vermin base on chemicals or use medicine. But it is not possible to have an ecologically sustainable beekeeping that way.
However, the varroa mite has a natural weak point, which is used by the DIHEUBienenvital. The vermin have a warmth tolerance of about 38°C; bees, however, still feel well in much higher temperatures.


The DIHEU Bienenvital is sponsored by the Europäischer Fonds für Regionale Entwicklung (European fund for regional development).


We thank the Computer System GmbH Ilmenau for the help with the CE-conformity evaluation.


Special thanks to the beekeeper Heinz Heß who significantly contributed to the development of the DIHEU Bienenvital.