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Wellness for the bees

With Bienenvital against the varroa mite

Biological and ecological beekeeping

It is our vision to protect whole beehives against the varroa mite by a gentle method and so to ensure the survival of the useful insects. In doing so it is important for us to go without aggressive methods like the usage of chemicals and medicine. The DIHEU Bienenvital uses hyperthermia, an application where the brood chamber of the beehive with bees is warmed so that the varroa mite is killed but the bees are not subjected to stress.

Easy application

The DIHEU Bienenvital controls the varroa mite by heat treatment. Here the bee colony is gently and evenly heated. The humidity and the oxygen content are automatically controlled. By using two precise temperature sensors and one humidity sensor you have the full control during the whole treatment. The DIHEU Bienenvital can be used for every size of the brood chamber of the beehive with bees. The application is done fully automatically and is riskless for beekeepers and bees by several security features. Moreover our device can be applied in case of brood diseases of breeding queen bees and the warming of honey. With the DIHEU beesvital it is also possible to treat fodder honeycomb without chemicals and sulfur against waxmotite infestation.


Scope of work

The prototype went through numerous test runs in the development stage, where we could realize the effectivity and reliability perfectly. Thus the device is an absolute must for every beekeeper who cares about the welfare of his bees.

You will receive a completely assembled DIHEU bee vial that can be used immediately. We are happy to meet your individual requirements and use only high-quality components from the EU. The device can be ordered from us. Please note that the delivery time is approx. 6 weeks due to the individual handling. On request, we can optionally offer a stainless steel bar for honey heating and a Plexiglas cover frame for optimum air convection during the treatments. When ordering, we need the exact frame / boot size dimensions (length + width in mm). The price for the insured shipping within Germany is 40 €. We are happy to provide you with an individual price offer based on your prey.

With pleasure we would also give a presentation of the DIHEU-Bienenvital in your beekeepers’ club and demonstrate the functionality of the device.

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